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  • So.

    My krypto mini is on its way out.
    4 years later i can't complain.

    Need a replacement for daily work use.
    Mini D that can fit in my pocket.

    Lookin at the Abus U-Mini 401 or the OnGuard Pitbull Mini

    Any recommendations?

  • Stick with the Kryto Minis as they're still very hard to beat - for value and security. I recommend the Mini 5 and/or the slightly longer Mini 7. The Abus U Mini 40 is also a good shout, but needs much more lithium greasing and more often, as its not weather protected. But for the daddy of small locks, at affordable pricing, nothing will beat the the OnGuard Brute Mini. It rivals the legendary and unsurpassed Krypto Fahg Mini, and at nearly 2kgs, may be too much to carry. But its your call.


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