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  • Anyone? any info would be really helpful!

  • Hi there, i can´t give you full info regarding the Spanish coast but regarding the Portuguese coast i can give you a few pointers.
    Prepare yourself for a really hot summer. Temperatures in the south are getting warmer by the day, now floating between 28 Celsius and 18 Celsius (­8973&sty=m_spot).
    Sun is harsh in this area, you will get burned multiple times. Wild camping is ok in Portugal, if you avoid the beach (the more crowded ones). The GNR (police, military ones) are extremely annoying regarding wild camping, so you would be better if you avoid the beach.
    You planning on taking the national street? N125 is renowned for being dangerous and having an high death toll. You can avoid it by going almost parallel to the train tracks, not the most scenic route but the most safe IMO. It´s about 60 km to Spain, but a difficult path. I would rather recommend doing the western part of Algarve and then going to Lisbon through the Coastline. A lot more relaxing and with a few climbs and a lot of places to wild camp. Ultraromance did that last year and you can double check in is instagram feed. Food wise go to the supermarket, prices in the Algarve in this period are extremely expensive.
    Hope this help, i will try to add more info afterwards.

  • Thanks for the info. Flights are all booked but still early stages of planning the route and which bike to take.

    Thinking the Kona is the best option at the moment!