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  • Yeah I bet. Wasn't sure if I was being too polite, maybe I should have been a bit more forceful but I was prioritising rideing safe.

  • It's nothing worth risking a crash over, I find the easiest is to just overtake the whole group on the back straight. The only time I really have to fight for a place is when trying to keep in the top 5 and there's an overtaking group. Also, try and get near the front before the last 5 laps as it's easier to fight for your place there than try and get to the front while everyone else is in the last 5 laps. You want to be in the top 15 before the final corner and don't be on the right hand side as people tend to take it wide and that's where crashes are. It's often easier to sprint down the middle as gaps form because everyone tried to go around the outside.


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