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  • As and when I have something to tell! btw How's your greenspot held up? I've used mine almost every day for something like six years (maybe more!?), fabric is prone to a bit of wear... (makes me think a cape should be supplied with a repair patch) but I'm happy with it overall. Will be getting a new one as well as the cape made.

  • Not really the season, but did anything come of your custom ventile cape? I'm thinking about getting the Carradice. Brooks nylon looks ok too, but Carradice looks like it'll offer more protection. Have you ever tried using it with bar-end shifters?

  • I've found the carradice cape pretty easy to use, I don't see what bar-ends could be a problem. The only thing you might find awkward is if you use bar-mounted stuff (lights, computers etc).

    Fwiw I don't find the waxed cotton cape has got great protection from very heavy rain, but then almost all garments leak under the kinds of monsoon we've been experiencing in London recently.