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  • Yeah, that was the video. I assume it's been spammed all over LFGSS by now. I did try a google search on LFGSS though, and found nothing, but Google's caches are never fully up to date...

    Have you considered Elastic search? People tell me it's the mutt's nuts. I've been meaning to take a look at it.

  • Have you considered Elastic search?

    No-one has ever shown me a good way to use Elastic Search and yet have it trim the results by permissions.

    We have 3 sets of permissions that need applying to everything:

    1. Is this in a forum you're allowed to view?
    2. Is this in a private message you're allowed to view?
    3. Does it exclude the forums, items and profiles that you are ignoring?

    I could potentially do #1 trivially, but #2 is harder to imagine how it's done (given that participants can be added and removed so easily and changes have to be guaranteed to be instant) and #3 screws me right over.


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