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  • Progress today. It rides. B17 select saddle fitted brooks leather bar tape on, TA chainset from the 60's a modern cog and KMC chain. The BB is Shimano shock horror. I would have liked to use a williams chainset but good ones are real money and then finding the right BB is a hassle.

    the brake however work as well as a chocolate teapot. Cable pull appears to be incompatable as the levers come back to the bars and I hardly slow down. My legs are a better brake. So some work needed here. It rides nicely though and I will ride it home when I have got a new set of hoods and got the brakes sorted. Only taken a year to get this far it may take another to finish properly.

    Also the saddle is paler than I thought and the bar tape darker. I may have to dye the saddle to rectify this.