• I find it shocking that the new cycle superhighway from Oval to Vauxhall has, in fact, got rid of a dedicated bus lane northbound. What this does is giving priority to a private means of transportation, however green and eco-friendly, like the bicycle, over a public one, like the bus. Not every one can or should want to cycle; grannies, families with babies and all the other Londoners who have a gazillion reasons not to cycle will be negatively affected because their bus journey times will be much longer. I understand prioritising green over non-green means of transportation; but private over public?

    Am I the only one who thinks this is bonkers?

  • It's equally not terrifically efficient having all those cyclists riding in teh bus lane.

    And probably one of the biggest of the gazillion reasons not to cycle you mention is the perception of danger at having to share the road with all the motorised vehicles, which the superhighways help deal with. It's been noticeable the increase in mums & dads with young kids I've seen cycling through Vauxhall since the new lane was opened.

    I'd be very happy for their just to be a bus lane and the superhighway heading through there as it happens - maybe you should campaign to remove the "normal traffic" lane.


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