• I know, get a load of bikes, say 100, tie em together with bungees, and have a difficult person with a God complex sit on the bike at the front....then, it can poodle around aimlessly, cutting people up etc, before pulling in and letting bus wankers jump on (for an inflated fee).

    It's a winner!

  • @stedlocks
    so asking a question is trolling, yet calling bus users wankers is OK. Are these the forum rules? Am I right in suspecting that if a user were to call cyclists wankers he'd be banned, but a cyclist can call non-cyclists wankers? Congratulations, guys, lovely forum you have

  • Nah you've got it all wrong, it's fine to call cyclists wankers.

    I mean, you joined a cycling forum so you must be a cyclist and you seem like a bit of a wanker.

    Then there's the Dulwich Paragon, massive bunch of wankers.