• So. To sum up the entire thread regarding the Skinsuit.
    @6pt has done a butt-load of work at Milltag HQ today with Ed to finalise designs.
    We've (@HoKe, @branwen, @TheArchitect, @Hovis and I) have been over to finalise sizing and patterns and other fun stuff.

    What you need to know:
    1. The DEADLINE is Monday 18th April 2016 at 10:00 (that's 10AM) THE SUIT IS £75

    1. Ordering through the LFGSS shop- link to be added by @Velocio in due course
      ORDER THROUGH HERE: https://shop.lfgss.cc/
    2. You have 2 options. Long sleeve or Short Sleeve ROAD suit. There are pockets on all suits, they are as aero as pockets are capable of being- if you've seen the Rapha Cross suit- kinda like that. THERE IS NO CRIT SUIT OPTION-due to lead times- this may happen after this order is complete.
    3. Sleeves- Long are like a pair of armscreens, super-nice fabric with a elastic wrist-cuff. Short are the same as the LFGSS.CC Pro Jersey- aka lightweight fabric and silicone gripper.
    4. Pads- Decent quality Road pads- ie not lightweight, probably Rapha Core as an indicator if you want one.
    5. Leg Cuffs- Separate gripper fabric of c. 1.5-2inch (3-5cm) which keeps them nice and tight.
    6. Jerseys and Accessories are to follow in due course (they are super sexy).
    7. The Price is £75

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