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  • Ladies and gent,

    So this is finally happening, a few of us have been working away for the past couple of month to finally put a forum skinsuit into production and this is the final design we have come up with. We hope everyone loves it as much as we do. (Please note this is a skinsuit for the road than for the track, hence why it will be a long sleeve and hopefully there will be rear pockets but I'll double check with this)

    Our supplier will be Milltag again as they seem to have done a very good job with our jerseys. (if it is no broken)

    We are in the final discussion of production with Milltag and most likely to get a sample to check the quality before we place any orders.

    As this is going to be a limited production order we feel we won't be putting this put on the LFGSS shop and whoever is interested please do the tradition list. However if you really want the skinsuit we will require a full payment as I want to get this order through the door and everybody's order ready before summer starts.

    This will be a short run we are planning to get everyone's order done within a couple weeks to prevent any further delays.

    At the moment with this design the cost is roughly £70 (that's if we get a order of more than 5 people to get this discount for the order)

    I have a chart of the sizing but this is on my work computer and I will attach this to this thread first thing in the morning. (But I assume the sizing will be similar to the pro jersey)

    Please note there will be also be a jersey with the same design, but this will be done via the shop.

    So shall we finally get this ball rolling and start taking names?

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