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  • Not really got much to say about this one. Built it up for a mate because she wanted to ride to work, but immediately freaked out over the drops, so I installed some cross top levers on there, but the damage was already done, which is annoying, but c'est la vie.

    It's a 650c B-twin Triban. (I'll measure size tomorrow, 46cm if I remember right)
    It's really not bad for what it is. From the pootling I did on it on a 'holy post' setup, it tracked really well and transfers power well too. Has clearence for 25's and full guards, or possibly 28's without. Maybe even 32mm.
    OTP setup apart from Tektro Crosstop levers and Fizik bartape.

    Alloy (no idea what) frame with a carbon fork. Has eyelets for full guards and a rack.
    3x8 11-28 and 50-39-30 Sora
    Own brand chainset.
    Stopping courtesy of B-twins own generic calipers. Good feel and modulation even with crosstop levers.
    Fresh rear wheel, tyre, chain, cassette and cables.

    That's it I guess. Collection from Fitzrovia.

    More pics in here


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