• Gone tubeless on my 1x1 - Conti Mountain King 2.4 on Halo Vapour X 35mm rims. Rear went up fine, front went up but was losing nearly all pressure over a couple of days, no sign of sealant leaking anywhere though.

    Cleaned, refitted and an double dose of stans, holding overnight and ridden into work today to give it a good shake round. Waiting to see what it's like at 5...

  • Did you cover the wheel with a soapy solution ? Especially where the rim and the tyre meet. if you notice bubbles forming then shake the wheel around so the sealant gets to the unsealed spots.

  • Nah, they seated without it. If they don't stay up tonight I'll have a roll them through the bath and look for any bubbles around the bead and stuff.