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  • Many of you ride for other teams, but if you'd don't and want to come race, I'd really like some company as I linger in cat 4 due to a perennial lack of training appropriately and/or skill and/or sprint.
    I guess I'd like us, given that we're about to get some killer skinsuits, to go and use the fuckkers.

    To those who are DRK, or NLTDMCBC( I can't get this right ever- apologies)- if you have some advice for me in how to set it up or organise the "club" in any way- I'd be really appreciative.

    I'm going to post a vague list of interesting crits, etc later this week, but racing has started over at lea valley, and Mid April is when I'm aiming to be approaching full fitness, so will start up here with the local stuff, till I move back down.

    Hope to catch you out racing soon.


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