• Ok, so 23mm Schwalbe Pro One's on Ritchey WCS Apex ii 60mm.

    The wheels aren't 'tubeless compatible' but I've ran tubeless tyres on normal rims before without issue.

    They're 17mm internal so I'm using Stans 21mm tape with Stans valves and Stans tubeless valve extenders. I tried to use normal valve extenders at first but quickly realised you definitely need the collar to stop the it getting pushed up inside the rim and breaking the seal.

    I had the tyres set up with a normal inner tube for a couple of days while I waited for the valve extenders to arrive in the post, which seems to have had the bonus side effect of stretching them out a bit, making them easier to get on and seal.

    The front one went on and inflated first time easily, the rear one was a little harder. It seemed like because the internal rim is so wide, and the tyres only 23mm they sat quite close to the middle of the rim without any air in. Meaning when I was trying to inflate them the air was just escaping. Some furious pumping (euph) later and the bead grabbed enough to seal.

    They each slowly leaked air, maybe 5 psi a minute, so I kept topping them up while watching a film. Over night they had lost another 2o ish psi each, I don't think they're quite sealed properly yet so commuted on them today to get the latex inside moving around.

    Overall, fairly easy, not perfect but good enough. Not as easy as when I converted some Shimano RS11's, probably because of the carbon rim/lip to grab the bead.


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