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  • Hi folks, 1st post on here

    I'm a North Londoner who shamefully doesn't know his way around Epping Forest. I have young kids so struggle to balance being able to get away for a ride in the daytime, do you folks ever go out in the evenings?

    I'm a fairly keen cyclist with a distinctly average ability - have preference to off road rather than road biking.

    I regularly night ride in areas that are slightly more local to me - e.g. Hadley Common and Trent Park - so am happy enough to ride at night and have lights that are plenty bright enough

    I have a geared hardtail as my nice bike but tend to ride a rigid singlespeed (badly) in the local slop

  • keen cyclists with average abilities - you've come to the right place haha. when it comes to off road riding around epping I let the tall man escort me around the wood (or two shorter versions when he's off ill) so I'm not of much help. there might be a few who head out into the woods at night though?

    I do get out for the WNKR/ThKR evening rides however, but they won't start again until April and they are road affairs. But outstanding roading riding in the evening Usually about 16mph average, no more than 40 miles. Great fun.

  • Hi Ben and welcome to the forum :-)

    I used to enjoy riding around Epping Forest in the dark. Perhaps if a few more fancy it ( and my lights still work ), I could organise a couple of night rides in the Spring?

  • Too bad you're in north London. I know guys who do a regular Wednesday night ride in the Surrey Hills, but travelling from north to there would be a bind.
    Besides the excellent rides @BareNecessities does there are rides in the Surrey Hills @Howard and @LHL go on occasionally. Hit them up if you have spare time on weekends.


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