• For what it's worth my reasons for voting in, are broadly in two categories:

    • Economy. Although it has become much more, the EU is still primarily a trading block. If we leave we will have to negotiate a trading deal with the EU. Despite the bluster of the out campaign I'm not convinced that the EU countries we just spurned would be queuing up to offer favourable terms. UK industry (and therefore the economy as a whole) would lose money if forced to compete internationally whilst hobbled by import/export duties. We'd also lose EU deals with other countries like the US.

    • Ideology. I think of myself as a European and I feel that a united Europe is stronger for everyone. I'm mindful that the two biggest wars the world has ever seen were started (and horribly mis-managed) in Europe and pulling up the drawbridge seems like a backwards step. I like the idea of overarching protections like the European Court of Human Rights. The fact that Michael Gove feels constrained by EU rules is a massive plus in my book!


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