• Discussion of these turns up elsewhere but perhaps it's time for a thread devoted to them. The different options, installation, sealant...

    Tubeless is not perfect but tends to be better than using inner tubes. I managed to get 6000 miles out of first generation Schwalbe S-One tyre. That was commuting on London's finest roads, through winter on a bike with mudguards and a rack. It was only when a tyre was struggling to re seal that I finally checked them. The tyre had squared off, it was cut to shit. The mudguards were lined with sealant. What it told me was I had had multiple punctures but they had resealed. This was when I was when I became fully convert to road tubeless.


    If when you install the tyres they don't pop into place with a track pump often the best thing to do is put an extra layer of rim tape on.

    Rim tape - ideally edge to edge of the rim should be covered.

    Also it can be worth putting some sealant in the tyre and then pumping it up - though there is the risk of jizzy explosion this has never happened to me.

    If your tyres/wheels don't hold air - pump them up and cover with a washing up liquid and water solution. Bubbles will form at the point of leaks, shake wheel around so sealant gets to the leak and hopefully it will seal.

    Sealant, they all seem to work different people have different opinions.

    What to carry when riding with tubeless tyres?

    Hand pump (CO2 may fuck with sealant)
    Tyre worms and insertion tool
    Ruberised superglue
    Superglue dries faster when wet, so spit on it.
    You may carry an inner tube, but if your tyre gets so badly cut up that it won't seal it is pretty fucked and would likely need a boot as well.

    Useful stuff from @cycleclinic here

    @Paradroid was first to mention “Just in case it's not common knowledge, stan's yellow tubeless tape is supposed to be Tesa 4289 you can find on ebay”

    Tyre Pressure according to @mdcc_tester

    Don’t fuck around with ghetto tubeless for road bikes, the pressures involved probably won’t work and are potentially unsafe if the tyre pops off.

    @spotter repair kit


    Green Tape