• Sure there's a loophole that young thieves, especially in London are exploiting, but given the risk of death and serious injury, then in my opinion, actively engaging in an activity that could cause serious injury or death to a suspect is only a few steps away from capital punishment.

    If you know statistically that chasing a suspect fleeing on a moped has x% chance of causing death where x% has been deemed to be too high, then basically you're saying, "I know I have x chance of this suspect dying but I'm going to do it anyway." That is unacceptable to me because I don't think any one deserves to die for crimes they may have committed.

  • Totally agree with this assessment. There seems to be a weird quirk of human thought which assumes that anyone engaging in something risky (and/or illegal) is 100% responsible for their own death,¬†even if the actions of others contribute to the fatality. In reality of course one person's guilt doesn't necessarily lessen that of another.