• Interestingly the same topic on Pistonheads is asking why we should be bothered. Apparently because they were making their escape from a robbery, everyone should be glad one is dead and one is seriously injured. I don't know why the fuck I go on that website.

  • While I wouldn't say that we should be glad one has died, surely there has to be some sort of onus on the fleeing party/parties that doing so on a moped is probably quite likely to reult in injury and/or death?

    I read recently that "moped enabled crime" is a big thing for London, much bigger than in any other similarly metropolitinised areas across the world and that at least part of the reason for this is that the regulations for engaging in, and using 'force' to terminate, a pursuit of a 2 wheeled vehicle are a lot more prohibitive in this country than in most others.

    It's pretty easy to find videos of police forces from around the world using their cars to very violently bring pursuits of 2 wheeled vehicles to an end.


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