• Not really looked into this section of the forum, and feel a bit stupid that i haven't. I'm working for BikeRight! out of the West Midlands offices, but looking after Business Development across the company.
    James - i think we may have met at a TABS conference when it was last in Birmingham. We also met on the Brooks ride many years ago now....

    Great to see some discussion on here about the DCPC stuff. We are running Safe Urban Driving courses ourselves, and i must say, it certainly toughens you up....

  • Whats your IRL name? I was indeed at the Birmingham TABS event and the recent TFL one in London.

    Hope I did'nt say anything controversial - I have a bad habit of doing this IRL as well as online.

    I must apologise for my behaviour on that Brooks ride - I was in a very messy state.

  • Ha Ha! Don't be daft - the Brooks ride was aaaaaaages ago.

    My IRL name is Dan. Dan Morris. I'm sure we'll bump into each other again in the future, as i am taking more of an active role in quality control across the company.

    The driver training sessions are pretty special aren't they!