• Just bought Falcon step through (early-mid 80s but not quite sure) for a mini bike refurb project. Doesn't have Reynolds 531 tubing as far as I know but seems in pretty good nick for a nice, comfy bike to ride around town.

    Any honest opinions?

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  • a nice, comfy bike to ride around town.

    Looks ideal.

    Would benefit from some mudguards and you might consider swapping the drops for moustache bars or similar.

  • Any honest opinions?

    It wouldn't have been an especially expensive bike when new, so keep any work you do proportional. Ie it's not worth spending £s on a respray, bling wheels, etc.

    I'd follow Scilly.Suffolk's advice.

    The other things to note is the cranks are cottered cranks. If the BB runs smoothly, just leave the whole chainset alone. If it doesn't, then you're better off just replacing the cranks and BB with a square taper set. If you can't find a cheap enough new crankset, a good budget option is stripping and polishing an old 2nd hand road crankset.

  • If you're going to use it all year round, mudguards make cycling in the wet a hell of a lot less unpleasant. Also +1 for getting your position as comfy as possible, and some bars with a nice sweep for a more upright position is usually a good shout for cruising around town...


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