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  • Strangely, cycling on motorways is allowed here. I cycled along the M4 today and while it didn't feel great, it was better than parts of Parramatta road.

    Most bike shops have free maps of the cycle routes around Sydney, btw.

  • I checked out Woolys bike shop, they seemed pretty sound. Sorted me out with a new pinch bolt for my seat post, mine must have rattled loose on the plane and gone wandering.

    What's the deal with riding fixed over here? Just want to be sure I got it right, I read on the Oz gov site that as long as you can lock up the rear wheel in the dry then that's fine? Rode past some cops and they looked my bike up and down but didn't say anything.

    If you're about and fancy going for a coffee run or something drop me a message, I'm around for a while until I head to Brisbane.


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