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  • Thanks for the info, you too @WestcoastPete!

    I'm taking my helmet out with me, I've seen that cars seem to have priority over bikes yet pets have priority over everything. Seems a bit backwards to me! Peds crossing sounds a bit like Europe, similar thing going on there.

    Are drivers generally aggressive or fairly passive? Is it fairly easy to avoid the roads that aren't good for cycling? I'll probably just stick to the cycle paths as I'm only there for a month, just taking my bike to jam round the city.

  • Are drivers generally aggressive or fairly passive?

    The drivers are fine, generally. Perhaps a little less confident around cyclists as there a far fewer than in London.

    The problems are the freeways and other main roads that go through the centre of town: the traffic is fast and there often aren't bus lanes to protect you.

    Don't worry about it too much though. The worst places explicitly ban bikes, and anywhere else you find yourself becoming uncomfortable you can just jump onto the pavement and sit that one out.


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