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  • I've bought and sold here, what strikes me as a little odd is when I sell something and particularly when I include some karma thingy, e.g. a roll of bar tape or some tubes, the buyer rarely ( if at all ) mails a quick thanks to say 'all good' ...also when responding to wants, especially when asked to post photos of a specific item, meaning climbing into the shed and spending some good time cleaning and taking detailed pics, there's no response either way; if it's not suitable or needed, a quick response would be welcome. For sold items, you used to be able to close the thread? My 9.5 cents on a wet Monday.

  • @chris_gee time waisters will waist your time and there's nothing you can do about it. But you can close your own threads, on the right side panel, press "Go" next to "close" option ;)


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