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  • Hi guys..

    It brings me much pain to say that this little passion project of mine, IT GOTTA GO! Absolute beauty of a bike, feat. a gorgeous triple butted, lugged SAT 14.5 tube Condor Classico Pista track frame 55cm (insanely lightweight), gorgeous Campagnolo components (the best), and SUPER STEEZY VIBES that money can't buy... The only downside (for me) is the front tub which is easily replaceable!

    This lot comes to over a grand new (assuming you could even find the cranks), and apart from the small scratch it's in mint condition. I'm selling for the RIDIC CHEAP PRICE OF 550 quid (ONO) because it's unsustainable to keep 2 bikes in my small Berlin bedroom and I need the cash (I'm eating ravioli out of a can until this babe of a velocipede is shifted)..

    Feel free to ask for more details, of course!


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