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  • I know I should probably make a thread in the touring part of the forum but I'm not that much of a writer so I'm just gonna put some pictures of my trip in this thread. I flew home last week from my 11 week trip. I didn't really have a plan when I left home but I ended on the south coast of Spain in Malaga and rode about 3000km (didn't have a speedometer or gps so I don't know it exactly).
    The trip was so good, already feel sad when I look at the pictures...
    So here are some pictures;)
    This is the only riding picture I have. I always rode alone and this was already pretty hard with the 10 sec timer on my camera haha.
    In France, heading towards the Pyrenees.
    Riding through the Pyrenees, so beautiful.
    I have shitloads of these kind of pictures from Spain, such a cool country to ride through.
    This day I was so tired that I couldn't ride my bike uphill any more and I ended up pushing it, pitched my tent the first opportunity I had. I was at a really high altitude and was freezing cold at night, really nice view though (the picture doesn't do it justice)

    And since this is a current project thread:

    nds fail

    I basically run a 1x9 setup. I had two chainrings, 34 and 39t. Used the 39t till the middle of france or so and then switched to the 34t when the hills began.
    Next trip I might go for a bike with 26'' tyres so I can run fatter tires and don't have to worry (that much) about breaking spokes.


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