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  • Here is the original, in the hands of the man himself. There is just the one. He has since moved on to other things.

    Sacrilege or not, some changes were needed. This is, after all, designed to illustrate an idea more than to render it to perfection. So now we have this:

    The handlebars are cut down Nitto with black horn tips machined to fit, the foam blended to the forms. The brake lever is stock Paul, with the pivot pin changed to carbon fibre. A light is integrated into the stem with a leather strap. The stem cap is machined from horn. The seat and seatpost are made from unidirectional carbon fibre by Smud Carbon. The fixed gear is changed to freewheel. The cranks are the same, but the chain ring is now carbon fibre. The pedals are leather sole preserving Schindelhauer.

    Other than a rear brake, needed are mudguards, and perhaps a set of cranks more in tune with the rest of the frame. Any suggestions?

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