• Hi, first project I post on here I think, just because previous builds ended up taking so little time.
    This one I'd like to give a bit more consideration.
    Aimof this bike is to go on road adventures, commuting on sunny days, do some hostel touring (bike-packing), even possibly make a start in long distance racing.
    So comfort is a big factor, reliability also important, and I'm on a budget so willing to compromise on weight a little bit.
    Sorry for the audax purists, this will not have mudgards.

    So, I recently acquired this BJ frame (oversize 631 tubing, 1 1/8th external headset) together with some Columbus carbon forks.
    I have an ultegra Groupset inherited from my TT bike so it's got bar-end shifters so perfect for my reliability criteria, it isn't going to be a criterium bike so shifting speed isn't an issue.

    First issue:
    I have a basic silver seat post that fits, It's a 27mm and ideally I'd like to fit a carbon USE post (27.2) but it doesn't fit in so I'm wondering if the frame has been over tightened on an undersize post, or is the tubing actually that size and got ta stick to my basic post and buy another one later on. Any advice on that? Does anyone else have an Olympus? What size post do you use?

    2nd issue: I'm leaning towards buying and fitting a Chris King headset from mosquito bikes (Essex road), what colour should I go for, black to match the frame, or silver to match the groupset (which might change, unlike the frame obviously), got quoted 120+20 for it, would you recommend anywhere else? I want to go to the most competent guys, I'm sick of crap mechanics, and his is defo something to be done right.

    I have a Thomson stem in 70mm I'd like to swap for a 100mm, again, not sure what colour to go with, silver to match groupset and therefore create a continuity with silver for all Alu parts (traditional), or go for polished black which will match the paint. Stem isn't going to be slammed, with 2cm of spacers, and the option of reversing the stem upwards for comfort when going on longer journeys.

    Wheels will be some silver mavic Aksiums for now, will possibly build another set with a SON hub for lights and usb charger, and Velo orange touring hub at the back I like their tool-less integrated bearing design and not as bad looking as xt hubs, rims undecided, silver open pros maybe.

    Bars: I like the salsa cowbells, the 3t ergoterras, but they are all sandblasted and I'd like polished black to match the rest, any recommendations? I would also like to possibility of fitting my aero bars so a wide clamp area would work best. Would carbon provide more comfort?

    Bottle cages: stainless King cages
    I already have an Archie grobag saddle pack, might get a framebag from restrap or Apidura, and a harness for a sleeping bag up front.
    Pedals: shimano spds, I've been pretty happy with them so far, I'm going to stick to mtb pedals because I share them with my sscx bike and I can still walk around in them which is useful when packing light.
    Tires: gatorskin in 28c, not failed me once, toured on them, not the most supple but ok for now.

    Any suggestions?


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