• Zefal HPX Vintage is the very best you can buy.

    As for rack, no idea, Velo Orange may be suitable especially the one with integrated decaleur.

  • Would you still go for a Zefal HPX over a mini track pump style a la Lezyne Micro Floor? I'm wanting it for tandem touring so it'll be pumping a Marathon Plus to 90-100 psi and the Zefal looks like hard work (but would fit on the pump pegs already on the frame).

  • If you can fit the Lezyne in a frame that is.

    The Zefal is easier and quicker to inflated to 100psi, the Lezyne floor pump is a little bit of a struggle due to it's smaller size and tiny handle/footrest.

    I don't think you can fit the Lezyne on a frame.


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