• Happy to get so much interest for this sale :)

    So first, I'm located in Lyon (FR) but the frames are stored in Annecy (FR). I will go there every 2-3 weeks to make packages and send frames.

    Now to get an estimation for shipping costs you can make a simulation here (note: packages are heavier than frameset weight because of protection):

    [1. internet 2. your country 3. weight (I think between 4 and 7kg) 4. "non standard" 5. "ad valorem" + the amount for insurance

    Or this one (not so good)

    [1. france 2. your country 3. postcode 4. date for shipping 5. weight]

    As now for the prices, I really prefer to get proposal. I won't be an asshole if it's too low so just be realistic. As far as I can see, people seems to evaluate right. If it doesn't work, I will put some prices later.


  • The rules of the forum dictate that you dont advertise elsewhere, and that you state your price.

    You should probably also donate after a sale like this, too.

  • The rules of the forum dictate [...] that you state your price.

    They don't actually, although it's common belief and curtesy indeed.

    Lovely frames; good luck with the sale!

  • Well, maybe you have to read these rules first.


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