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  • busy couple of days, saw old school polo bod, whose forum name I can't remember on the wandsworth road wednesday, he'd travelled all the way from walthamstow and still had a ways to go, lovely croix de fer as well...

    @coventry_eagle this morning filtering through the eastbound gridlock that was wandsworth road, and this evening @branwen in richmond, all the other cyclists at the junction seemed to be shocked that we knew each other...

    plus usually see him out richmond/twickenham sides, green specialized langster, with aerospokes front and rear, usually wearing a forum cap, so is definitely on here, even though I've never said hello.... "hello!"

  • I believe that was +spikes on the CdF

    Always nice seeing a familiar face on the commute, yeah Wandworth Rd was pretty hairy to navigate yesterday, almost ran into a bloody desperate driver trying to do a u turn without indicating! Gaaaaahhhh!