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  • Can you name names? Its just I cycle there all the time - both commuting and after work laps and can't say I've ever had a problem with an organised club going round the park.
    Pretorius do laps after work and are very well behaved, Islington do early laps on a Saturday morning and again, always well behaved, RPR - up so early and so few of them I doubt anyone on a commute gets bothered by them.
    If there is a club that need to improve they should be named, I'm sure someone on here would be affiliated and could have a quiet word..

  • Define well behaved. I might just be particularly sensitive to a group of thirty mamils in a messy chain gang close passing me at the entrance to a junction.

  • I'm not saying there aren't messy chain gangs, quite the opposite there are lots especially in the summer when loads of people are out, I've just always found that the organised groups are more structured, passing instructions down the line etc, if it was an organised group I'm sure they's take note and raise it with the members that's all..


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