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  • Hey guys, I'm super new to this so please excuse my ignorance but I recently got my first ever track bike (yay) and I'm looking to buy a small backpack. Small is a serious requirement because I'm only 4'10 (midgetlife) and I think a big 'regular' sized back would look very strange on my petite frame. Would you happen to know some cycle friendly small ish backpacks? Any good brands? Thanks :)

    Also, hello! I look forward to actually joining ya'll on a ride some time soon :)

  • hey ruwi! glad to hear you've got a bike, how are you finding it? can't think of any smaller backpacks off the top of my head but i'll have a think :) i was admiring @Phil(Picard) 's small backpack at drinks recently though, he might be able to help


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