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  • non-functional pockets are a major grrrr for me.
    I have successfully opened the pockets and added extensions? if that makes sense. BUT I shouldn't have to do that! so annoying. I mean, where are we supposed to keep our stuff while cycling (or, y'know, just existing), in a fucking handbag*?!

    (* to be clear I don't have a problem with people who chose to use handbags... )

  • woah, just read back and I thought I had the extending pocket brain wave but now just saw your comment. Where did you extend from?

  • not sure I understand the question? On jeans the pocket bag is usually a seperate bit of cloth folded in half along the side, so I opened the bottom seam, added another bit of cloth, hey presto bigger pocket. here's an example helpfully colour coded. one good tip is when adding the new bit, don't do normal right-sides-facing seams, overlap them instead. if you have a machine where you can take the platform off to do armholes/cuffs etc then that's useful. I zig-zagged the seams down so I wouldn't catch them going into the pocket.


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