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  • my mum would actually sew and cut off pockets so there's less fabric inside the trousers

    why? (I've never noticed them getting in the way/uncomfortable or anything)

  • some pockets are so crap though. I'm thinking now of all the pockets I've ever put things in. Some are stupidly deep, so anything you put in them just rests awkwardly. Also, some are a ridiculous shape so you have to be careful to actually place things IN, because they'll fall out.
    The ones I'm wearing now, are Levis and they are STUPIDLY small. It was alright at a push, and then apple made a longer phone and I got it and now I can't put it in my pocket.
    OH WOW, just had an idea. @Doctor_Cake UNPICK THE POCKET AND EXTEND IT!!!! is this a good idea? Not sure now I've typed it. I'm going to try this for mine and report back.


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