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  • You'll find a bunch of articles like this online with varying levels of crotchetiness complaining that nothing is as good as steel.

    I would say: steel - nice ride, stiff and light frames can be found quite inexpensively

    aluminum - stiffer and lighter, generally slight more expensive with a harsher ride

    titanium - maybe slightly better than aluminum in terms of stiffness/lightness, comparable to steel in ride quality, but also more durable than both

    carbon - stiffest/lightest, people are more nervous about cf then they should be given that its many times stronger pound per pound than any metal, but certainly a modicum of care is necessary...but then again given the expense I don't know why you would want to throw one around anyways.

    The best material depends on how much you want to spend and what you want to do with it.

  • @nohwolf this question is a follow up of this thread I opened recently. I admit I'm now thrilled by the idea of a custom build although I doubt I can get the aero look on steel... can I?


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