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  • Mr Cake got me a pair of the Levi's commuters and the shirt as an anniversary gift.

    The shirt is nice and stretchy. It certainly doesn't keep you warm, I was wearing it today, and could have done with a tank top or some sort of base layer to keep things comfortable, but certainly fits well and seems to function well on the bike.

    I like the jeans, but in comparison with the men's version, there are a couple of features lacking.

    • tiny pockets, can't fit a smart phone in securely
    • no loop for holding a lock

    (it's mainly the pocket thing that bothers me, I got used to being able to put my whole phone in my pocket when wearing my men's commuters)

  • gah, I HATE shitty pockets. That's really a disappointment because for the price (for Levis) I thought it was a good deal. Lock loop doesn't bother me per se as I don't do that, but a bit of a let down that cycling specific jeans don't have the one thing that is pretty cycley.

    What is the denim like? Is it stiff? I remember feeling the jeans when they had that box park pop up, but on the photos the denim looks weird.

  • I have the grey pair and they are a much softer denim than my men's denim commuters. They feel nice to wear, but I did slide around on my saddle a bit when I first rode in them. That seems to have gone away, not sure if I've gotten used to them, or roughed them up a bit. Not sure how robust they will be in the long run, they certainly don't feel as tough as the men's pair I have. A plus is that the waist is a good height, with a higher cut in the back, and as the fabric is quite stretchy, I haven't had any issues with them bunching or biting in at the front.

    Glad I'm not the only one who is annoyed with tiny pockets. The pockets on these are larger than on some other jeans I've got (where you can barely squeeze an oyster card holder into the pocket), but it's not enough!


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