• Its been far too long....
    So. Yep. Lets ride bikes in the rain with our new kit.
    Last minute Notice for a club-paced (18mph) ride to the Blue Egg cafe on Bank Holiday Monday.

    Generic Plans:
    Midweek- Tuesday evening at pace pre SE drinks, set off from PS at 6:30? for 1.5hrs of fun, leave pizza orders behind.
    Thursday Morning Rides- 05:30 Putney/ Regents for alternative weeks surrey/ Laps of Regents.
    Saturday- at pace/ 'skills' session.
    Sunday- club run.
    How's that all sound?

    Ps- I'll be out Friday morning from Putney, aiming to be back in commuterville before 8- I take no responsibility for these first two in terms of timing because I won't have tested the route beforehand.