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  • I hope this is of interest, and that if you're not riding you may like to come out to watch. I assume you all know the course and the HQ, but if not I'll give directions.

    Preview: The Ron Brown Memorial 100 (24th May 2015)

    As recently as 2009 the Hounslow were very pleased with an entry of ninety five, but the 2010 preview (written before the closing date) stated: ‘although the organiser is optimistic that he will get a good entry, a full field is not to be expected’. This year we have one hundred and twenty riders accepted, ten reserves and some entries returned. Let us hope this represents a general increase in enthusiasm for the longer distances.

    The clear favourite to win is Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC) who has won the event for the past four years, is the current British Best All Rounder and has the fastest qualifying time (3hours 26 minutes). However ‘there’s many a slip’ and four is the maximum number of victories that anyone has achieved in the history of the event. Possible challengers, with club & qualifying times in brackets are: Tejvan Pettinger (Sri Chimoy CT - 3.34), Jon Wynn (Northover Vets – 3.37), Ian Greenstreet (Newbury RC – 3.41) and Richard Spinks (Bristol South – 3.46).

    Among the women entrants we also have the reigning BAR champion, Jasmijn Muller (Paceline RT – 4.1.ll), but she will have to beat Jill Wilkinson (Chester RC – 4.20), a strong rider who will not be travelling all the way from the north west without the intention of putting is a good performance. Last year’s ladies winner, Jody Conibear (Hemel Hempstead CC – 4.22) could also be a contender, since her ride last year was her first attempt at the distance. Now, with greater confidence, she may prove capable of greater things.

    The Hounslow, as the promoting club, is proud of its record of team victories in this event. We have four entrants for 2015: Nic Stagg (3.58), Loz Wintergold (4.11), Andy Caldwell (4.36) and Stuart Hewlins. Stuart is riding his first ever hundred and qualifies only on the strength of a 2.8 fifty done earlier this month. We feel that in view of his very promising performances at twenty five miles his fifty time probably underestimates his potential. It should be noted that Nic Stagg’s form has recently been below its usual sparkling level, and while wishing him all the best, we will not be unduly disappointed if he does not improve on last year’s effort.

    Finally, some one who deserves a special cheer from the spectators: Bob Loader (Sydenham Wheelers) who is the oldest competitor at 82 years of age.

    The event is to be run on the usual Farnham - Alton course, with the HQ at Bentley Village Hall. First man off at 8.01 a.m.

    The attached picture is Hippy riding the 2012 edition of the event.

  • Lovely post Clubman. Sadly I wouldn't ride 100 miles if I could stop for lunch, but I hope you have a great turnout.


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