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  • wait is this what they call 'student budget'? ;)

    Deep section wheels and Di2 ≠ weenie

    I'd stay DA for cranks; much more advanced engineering/design than Rotor. Wanted to say same about the brakes but you've already got them. Plus they pop up on gram and tumblr more than Rotor these days.

    Pedals; if you havent got em get the cheap speedplays on ebay and swap axle to Ti.

    How about mega light Ryde pulse wheelset with Bitex/BHS hubs and then deep section for windy days :P

    And latex tubes.

  • 'Work hard play hard' ;)

    I can easily make it under 6kg, but as I said rather make it 'Look fast' first then worry about the weight side.

    For the DA cranks, I can never get my head around the way they look and much prefer the aesthetics of the Rotor 3D+ (just a personal preference)

    For the wheelset I went for these mainly for the hub and the wider rim profile, which a lot wheel builders recommends.


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