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  • I strongly oppose this idea. Herne Hill is too far from Central London. If LHBPA money is to go toward a court, that court should definitely be in Central London.

    This is a major decision and not something that should be decided in a single meeting. It should probably go to a membership vote after a lengthy period of consideration.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the bulk of this money came from the London Euros, which was an event organized by NE players. Spending it on a court that is 8 miles from NE London would be a shame.

  • You are wrong on the money count there Chukker. A lot has happened since 2009.

    This has also not been decided in a single meeting. There has been an M- Comm meeting on it, an EGM that was advertised over 1 month in advance with a full agenda etc.

    Great that you are up for getting involved in the LHBPA again though Chukkles, all opinions greatly encouraged and need to be discussed properly...please discuss further on the HH thread on the LHBPA forum­3/?offset=425#comment12260821


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