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  • Can anyone recommend a bike hire near Palma area? Out there next week and would love to get a days riding in...

  • Im there the week after looking for the same. I found a German owned one in Palma that looked good.. Just looking to do a 60 mile loop and check out the southwest corner of the island, then head over to the 'staircase' and try that.

  • Depending on what type of riding u are talking u can get various types of bikes- Boris bike esq to basic road bikes, from Palma bike hire, of which there are a few around the city. If u are looking for something more high end then heading to Can Pastilla close to Arenal (close to the airport -nd about 10 minutes in a cab from Palma) area u will find a number of outfits hiring bikes. Arenal is the German equivalent of Magaluf so u can also get shit faced. Lots of max huerzeler hire sites to choose from.


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