• @bothwell I have noticed someone half leaning out a car towards a woman on a bike and made an effort to stop/cycle between them. I think at the time it disrupted/prevented the flow of whatever was going on. I didn't say anything so I guess it would look accidental but reading what you said should I?

    Also I know one of my friends when we went shopping for cycling and jogging clothing she was making a compromise between what she wanted and what she felt she could wear to be more bland or whatever and attract less attention while just tying to go about her everyday stuff. I'd imagine it's something lots of women do and yet I can't think of a single time ever a guy would need to do that. It took me a while after to think about it and understand how big of an issue it was for her.

  • I didn't say anything so I guess it would look accidental but reading what you said should I?

    Totally depends on the situation and as lucyh says, your comfort levels. I think what you did was fine, and it'd also be fine to ask her if she was ok/make supportive noises after douchebro had driven off. But do be aware that some women will be rattled just by your asking them if they're alright after somebody else has done something scary. Adrenaline and all that. People doing the leaning out of the car thing in traffic is terrifying because you have no idea what they will do - leave you alone, grab your bars, chuck stuff at you, swerve at you. Another dude approaching afterwards can just make you think "oh fuck, what now" and not reassure at all. It sucks, but it's the fault of the douchebros who started it.

    In the specific situation you've described I, personally, wouldn't have said anything to the driver or the passenger in that car, because the risk of their getting aggro and trying to injure me for intervening would be too high on my risk calculation meter to warrant it. I would have no problem with accidentally-on-purpose getting in the way like you did.


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