• ^^ Ah, I got over being shouted at pretty quickly. It's the internet, it happens. Thanks, though! From what I can tell, the problem seems to maybe be people watching the video and not visiting the companion website - the vid is quite sparse and doesn't contain the same amount of info as the site, so I guess people project their own guessed intentions and motivations onto it. Maybe its brevity is working against it.

    The site is very much "this behaviour is not ok. We believe you when you say these things happen. If you report it to us, we won't tell you that you're imagining it, exaggerating it, or making it up, and you will be with a trained officer who will help you". I think they're imagining going to the cop shop and trying to explain being groped to some bro in jackboots and shiny trousers at the front desk, rather than using the method that the campaign is advertising, of a dedicated line where you're in control. I tried to say these things, but the midst of an INTERNET CAMPAIGN is never the best place to do these things.

    Oh well. If somebody had asked me to predict the content of an opposing petition to the campaign I'd have guessed a guy in a ridiculous hat going "where's my sexual assault hotline?! Men get groped by females on public transport every day but there's no hotline for them! Misandry!"


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