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  • This year's DD will take place on the 5th and 6th of July.

    As a few people have mentioned that they might be up for doing this, and I'm game, I thought I'd start a thread to make some plans. Team Noz. We could share biscuits and stuff.

    For my part, I don't want to go fast, but just enjoy the experience and see what happens, have a bit of an adventure. I was chatting to an acquaintance from hereabouts about it and he seemed intrigued by my suggestion that we might do the ride, have a bit of a chill on the beach, and then ride back to Norwich afterwards. I've never ridden 193km in one evening before, so I'm not sure about another 53km the following morning. But worse things have happened at sea, I'm sure (scurvy and cannonball injuries to name but two).

    Another option, I suppose, would be beg/borrow/hire a van (and probably a car if there's more than three others involved) drive it all to Dunwich with bicycles on board, get the train into London and then ride back... orrr some similar feat of logistical wonderfulness that might require a team meeting and some diagrams in advance of the day.


  • I did it last year. I got more rained on than I ever got rained on before. Which was fine.
    By FAR the worst bit was waiting for the coach back to London. Had a little swim and stuff but once you've done that it's like the evacuation of Dunkirk except there's no little boats. And the sound of a whole row of cubicles filled with guys having their morning bowel movements still haunts me.
    So yeah, hire a van or cycle to Norwich. Don't hang about.


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