• More work in progress...

    Meanwhile, I started breaking down all the parts' weights, and this is what I came down to, so far:

    • Frameset: Weighted it down when I got it from Stefan and it went for 2000g (frame) and 700g (fork). Fork was raw as the pictures showed. I'm keeping the same weights in mind but they might end up being higher because of the extra chrome on the fork.

    • Wheelset: Wheels are all done. Tune rims and hubs, CX-Ray spokes, Alloy nipples, Veloflex Masters 25c, extra-light tubes and One23 Alloy/Ti skewers. 2121g (1002 front + 1119 rear) both pumped up to 0.5bar below max.

    • Groupset: I'm going for the Force 22 2015 edition. Haven't got it yet but according to SRAM specs its weight is around 2150g for the compact GXP version. I wanted the Mid-compact 52/36 combo but can't find it available in online stores anymore at a nice price, so... going for the regular compact and will be changing the rings later. Anyway, estimating around 2142g (with 11-28 K7 and 172.5mm arms).

    • Junkset (eg.: all the remaining parts): Got everything else with me already... Tange headset, Procraft 44cm bars, SOMA quill, KCNC post, Flite saddle, Shimano A600 pedals, Lizard Skins tape, Birzman bottle cages, cable guides and SRAM's own cable sets. Around 1813g according to my kitchen scale.

    So, I'm estimating around 8880g for the whole bike, which is not amazing, I know, but it's still a very nice allround weight ATMO, considering the all-steel frameset, under-PRO wheelset, and almost lack of carbon parts (exception made for the Force bits).

    Can't wait to start building this baby up for summer!