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  • I have a frame to give away for free if someone needs it. Its very old Triumph frame 120mm rear OLN and mudguard eyelets. Been powdercoated black in Armourtex.

    Theres a catch: head tube is slightly bent. I've been riding it maybe few weeks like that. Happened when i was installing the new headset diy. I know I know......
    Since then its been kept in my attic for a year or so.
    Dunno, it might be useful for someone who wants to try their welding skills

    Comes complete with Tange headset (20 miles use)
    BB ( i think 103mm), I also have black Sugino RD2 cranks can sell separately
    and black Uno seat post

    Frame is free. I just want £20 for the rest.
    No splitting unless i got interest for all the parts


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