• Shouldn't that be £35 / 5hrs with £2 per drop, average of 2 drops per hour (checked delivery area, depending on location of the hub) seems achievable. So looking at £45 for 5hrs work (£9 p/h).

    Edit: Just noticed your correction to the hours @Clockwise good spot. So actually £7.50 p/h, which sounds about right.

  • Just to clarify, it is £35 guaranteed for 5 hrs not 6.

    We are currently running near capacity on our slots - hence hiring more couriers. So there would be the opportunity to earn another £20 on busy nights.

    We have a lot of overlapping shifts due to different opening hours of stores we will be delivering from.

    Also - if a courier is interested in shifts but feels they have such substantial experience to justify an above market rate, we are also interested in talking.


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