• I'm probably generalising a huge amount myself, but for the majority of cyclists who want to ride to work, week in, week out, not do much maintenance and don't need it to be spectacularly light or beautiful looking, and wouldn't mind doing a couple of slightly longer jaunts into the countryside without having another bike to do so, then an IGH bike would be ideal

    I agree entirely - they problem is these people buy on price, and when you put a cheaper eight speed index system next to the alfine bike, guess which one they choose? In the UK we like to feel like we save money now, not hypothetically in the future when the cost of ownership of the Alfine dips below the cheaper traditional system.

    As above - wide ratio IGHs are interesting and excellent, but in the UK they can't flourish because non-cyclists won't buy them and cyclists think they are cool but don't need them :)

    I do have Rohloff lust, BTW - one day...

    Interestingly though, they may have a brighter future here in the UK via e-bikes? Just a thought.


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