• @Howard, I'm not sure you're correct, not wanting to sound argumentative, and I'm probably generalising a huge amount myself, but for the majority of cyclists who want to ride to work, week in, week out, not do much maintenance and don't need it to be spectacularly light or beautiful looking, and wouldn't mind doing a couple of slightly longer jaunts into the countryside without having another bike to do so, then an IGH bike would be ideal.

    Obviously I've never owned one, if they do go bust, it's pretty much fit a new one, and if you've got an attached mudguard, getting a punctured rear wheel off and back on is a bit of a pain, but surely the reliability from being sealed, probably cheaper versions of Di2 coming down the line to eradicate stretching shifter cables and the way the bikes are designed to be one bike to rule them all means they should carve out a larger market?